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Now On Tour The Fog by Hayley Lawson

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The Fog

Book One

Hayley Lawson

Genre: Zom-com, Zombie, Comedy

Publisher: Hayley Lawson

Date of Publication: October 15, 2018


Number of pages: 63
Word Count: 15,000

Tagline: “Zombies are here, and were out of beer!”

Book Description:

The sharp, ear-shattering alert of the Emergency Broadcast System rang through the car. Alex scrambled to turn down the volume a few notches. “This is the Emergency Broadcast System. All citizens are encouraged to stay indoors. A fog is affecting people and—argh! Oh, God! Ah!”

The broadcast ended abruptly with a crackle.

About the Author:

Hayley Lawson is an English author who currently resides in New York. When she's not writing, she spends her time watching movies and hanging out with her family.

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