Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Bewitching Exclusive Excerpt from The Eidola Project by Robert Herold

            Sarah stopped her flippancy and sat back with a start when the medium’s rotund head came up to stare at the audience. The woman’s eyes glowed green.
            Several women in the audience gasped and even men made low utterances of surprise.
            The medium’s arms rose before her as electricity danced between the palms of her hands. She stood and raised her charged hands above her head, then threw her arms wide.
            The room erupted in a flash of light with a deafening boom.
            The medium collapsed back onto the chair as a green spectral girl formed in the mist floating above her head.
            “Momma!” the girl wailed. “Help me, Momma. It hurts!”
            A bejeweled woman in black, three chairs to Sarah’s right, jumped to her feet. Tears streamed down her face. “It’s her,” she cried. “Oh, God, it’s Mary!”
            Standing, a bald man put a protective arm around the sobbing woman. The man looked up at the specter and then at the medium. His thick eyebrows knit together as he squeezed his eyes shut and fought back tears of his own. “We’ll pay whatever you ask. Just give our daughter peace!”
            A faint smile passed over the medium’s lips.
            Without warning, the entry doors behind the audience burst open like the gates of Hell. A demonic figure in dark rags stormed into the room, screaming.

The Eidola Project

An Eidola Project Novel

Book One

Robert Herold

Genre:  Horror

Publisher:  Wild Rose Press (Black Rose Imprint)

Date of Publication: November 18, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-5092-2406-7 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-5092-2407-4 Digital

Number of pages:  290
Word Count: 69870

Cover Artist:  Debbie Taylor

Tagline:  The Eidola Project is recruiting. Dare to join them?

Book Description:

It's 1885 and a drunk and rage-filled Nigel Pickford breaks up a phony medium's séance. A strange twist of fate soon finds him part of a team investigating the afterlife.

The Eidola Project is an intrepid group of explorers dedicated to bringing the light of science to that which has been feared, misunderstood, and often manipulated by charlatans. They are a psychology professor, his assistant, an African-American physicist, a sideshow medium, and now a derelict, each possessing unique strengths and weaknesses.

Called to the brooding Hutchinson Estate to investigate rumored hauntings, they encounter deadly supernatural forces and a young woman driven to the brink of madness.

Will any of them survive?

About the Author:

The supernatural always had the allure of forbidden fruit, ever since Robert Herold’s mother refused to allow him, as a boy, to watch creature features on late night TV. She caved in. (Well, not literally.)
As a child, fresh snow provided him the opportunity to walk out onto neighbors’ lawns halfway and then make paw prints with his fingers as far as he could stretch. He would retrace the paw and boot prints, then fetch the neighbor kids and point out that someone turned into a werewolf on their front lawn. (They were skeptical.)

He has pursued many interests over the years (among them being a history teacher and a musician), but the supernatural always called to him. You could say he was haunted. Finally, following the siren’s call, he wrote The Eidola Project, based on a germ of an idea he had as a teenager.

Ultimately, he hopes the book gives you the creeps, and he means that in the best way possible.

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