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Exclusive Excerpt: Never Date A Vampire by Marilyn Vix

Chapter 1 Excerpt:

I put a hundred bucks on the table, and the dealer welcomed me with a smile. It wasn’t a real connection, because too much attention would look like trouble to the pit boss. But he seemed attentive at least. I didn’t believe in true luck. It was all about the cards in the end.
I got into the game, deciding between the face cards and lower cards whether to hit or hold. After an hour of play, I was fairly ahead, had another margarita, and was getting in the playing zone when the man next to me got up and another took his place.
At first, I didn’t really look over. I was concentrating. Then I heard his voice. It was accented, but I couldn’t place it. He didn’t sound like he was from the US, but from somewhere in Europe. When I took a side glance, I froze. He was gorgeous. In fact, he was so good looking, I was wondering if he was going to distract me from my game. His green eyes danced with a sparkle when he looked sideways at me.
I nodded back. A little eye candy was always welcome. This could be fun.
He hit his card, and got twenty. I got sixteen and held. The dealer went around the table until everyone was done with their hand or busted. When the dealer went to hit his cards, he got nineteen. I slumped when he took my bet.
“You know, you could have taken one more card and at least pushed on that hand.” My neighbor rolled his R’s off his tongue. It had a vibrating feel to it. My body reacted to his voice, feeling a pulse in his tone.
I swallowed again. “Well, I was taught to hold on sixteen.” Okay. He was definitely distracting.
“Who taught you?” He placed his bet down. One hundred dollars. Wow. I was a small-time player, not placing big bets. One hundred dollars certainly wasn’t the biggest bet in Vegas, but it was big for me.
“My uncle.”
His smile melted my insides as he looked me up and down. “Let’s see how well he taught you.”
I placed my bet, taking it back down to five dollars since I’d lost.

He looked over my chips. His eyebrow went up. “Playing cautious, I see.”
“Yup.” I nodded. Boy, I couldn’t think, barely speak. I usually wasn’t this tongue-tied with a guy.
“You come to Vegas often?”
Finally, I stammered, “N-Not nearly as much as I’d like.” There, courage. Maybe I wouldn’t be alone for long. Licking my lips, I gave him an eye up and down back. “This is really the first time I’ve been here.”
“You sure don’t seem like it is. Are you trying to play coy?”
“Really. Honest.” I raised a hand from the table in mock surrender. “My uncle taught me, and he’s from Reno. I’ve been there a couple of times.”
“Oh, I see.” He flipped his hand for another card. He got an Ace of Clubs to go with his Queen of Hearts. His smile lit his face again, and my stomach turned to jello.
I turned to him. “Now, if I could just get one of those.”
“You never know. Could be your lucky night.” I was so busy looking at his eyes when he made his comment, the way they looked into my soul, that I almost missed the Six of Spades placed down with my dealt Five of Hearts and Jack of Spades. The two of us cheered together.
He caressed the top of my hand and a shock of lightning went up my arm. “See, it is your lucky night.”

Never Date A Vampire
Beware of Vampires
Book One
Marilyn Vix

Genre: paranormal romance
Publisher: Shadowcat Publishing

Date of Publication: Oct. 22, 2019
ISBN: 9781393015406

Word Count: 20K

Cover Artist: Melody Simmons of eBookindiecovers

Tagline: What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there. But date a vampire, and you may never leave. Cass finds herself in a mess. Can a vampire save her?

Book Description:

A trip to Las Vegas can be the most fun of your life.

But what if you know witches? Warlocks?       

What other creatures could there be in the Las Vegas paranormal underground?
Cassandra Sanders has witnessed a messy witch divorce. Things have blown apart behind her as her friends fought with a warlock. She rides to the Stratosphere with her witch and warlock friends thinking that the worst is behind her. Throw in an Elvis impersonator, and you already have a good time ahead. But she wonders, what about her? She’s all-alone in Las Vegas. What could go wrong if she played some blackjack?

The meeting of a mysterious stranger doesn’t alarm Cass. After a casual drink, she seems to start to lose her will. Is she losing her mind? Drawn to him, she knows that maybe, this was too good to be true. He was too perfect. But in the world of the paranormal underground, where witches and warlocks played, what else should she be afraid of? Will she find out when she reaches his hotel room?

Experience what Cass finds out about the Las Vegas paranormal underground in this new series by Marilyn Vix, a sequel to the Beware of Warlocks series.

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About the Author:

Marilyn is a paranormal romance novelist. She enjoys the characters that just don’t fit in. From witches to time traveling researchers, she is letting her imagination soar to explore new worlds and write all the details down. Marilyn has traveled to Paris, London, Sydney, Munich and Las Vegas. She loves to include these settings as much as possible. Best of all is letting her reader enjoy them through the perspective of a character. She currently lives in Northern California with her husband and cat. The cat, of course, is the center of attention.

Website/Blog: http://marilynvix.com

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