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Exclusive Excerpt - Thrall: Supernaturals of Las Vegas Book One by Carrie Harris

The music began, and the couples moved in graceful concert through the archaic forms of the dance. Liss and Gregor were quiet for the first few seconds, concentrating on the steps. But soon enough, Gregor broke the silence.
“I owe you a word of apology,” he murmured in her ear.
“You do?”
“I do,” he said firmly. “I thought to buy you a birthday gift, but I didn’t know what you’d like. I thought I’d wait until we became more thoroughly acquainted and get you something later, but I’ve just realized that this might come off as carelessness on my part.”
Liss felt a strange, fluttery sensation. Her cheeks heated. Why was she so flustered? She couldn’t explain it.
“No, that doesn’t seem careless at all,” she said faintly. “You’re very kind.”
He instantly picked up on her change in demeanor. “Are you okay? Would you care to step out of the dance?”
Once again, she spoke without thinking. Being with him seemed to do that to her, and it was dangerous.
“Why?” she asked archly. “Have I been stepping on your feet more than Tait usually does?”
After a startled moment, Gregor threw his head back and laughed. Heads swiveled in their direction as people searched out the source of the foreign, deviant noise. Outright laughter just wasn’t done at court. When they realized it was him, they tried to pretend they hadn’t been looking. It was a good thing Viktor was out of the room, feeding or scheming or both.
Gregor got himself under control quickly, but his lips still twitched.
“Shall we step out so I can get some air?” he asked. “I would appreciate it.”
“Of course,” said Liss, her cheeks still flaming.
He led her gracefully off the floor without disturbing the other dancers, through the French doors and onto the balcony. One of his hands rested at her waist while the other closed on the tips of her gloved fingers. The night air was cool and still after the stifling atmosphere of the ballroom. From here, the neon glow of Vegas was muted by elaborate latticework privacy screens edged in gold leaf and twined with bougainvillea.
Gregor led Liss to the far end of the balcony.
“Shall we sit?” he asked, gesturing to an overstuffed fainting couch tucked in the back of an overgrown nook. Heavy, heady-scented flowers drooped from the privacy screens like ripe fruits, begging to be picked.
“Yes, thank you,” she said, settling down gratefully. “I’m not used to the heels. I don’t wear them very often.”
“Why today?”
“It seemed appropriate. I want to do my family justice…and you.”
Her eyes rose to his despite her flaming cheeks. She didn’t know what was happening to her. She was always so rational, so collected, so prepared for everything. She had prepared for him. Why hadn’t it worked?
“I don’t care what you wear on your feet, so long as it pleases you, Liss,” he said quietly. “May I call you Liss?”
“All of my friends do.”
“Then I would like that.”
Their eyes met. He looked so handsome and perfect and…sad. She couldn’t help it. She put her hand to his cheek, trying to comfort him without even knowing what was wrong. But whatever it was, she couldn’t bear to see him suffer.
He leaned into her hand in slow motion. His hands bookended her hips, denting the plush upholstery of the sofa. They moved together, falling back onto the cushions, their mouths only inches from each other. The air between them was electric with tension.
“I hadn’t intended this,” he said, his words slow. It took her a moment to realize he spoke that was because he was trying so hard to restrain himself. She could see the faintest shadow of one of his fangs, a testament to his excitement. “I just wanted to get to know you.”
Her hand still sat on his cheek, and it clenched at the collar of his suit without her even meaning to.
“Don’t stop,” she said.

Supernaturals of Las Vegas
Book One
Carrie Harris

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Inked Entertainment
Date of Publication: 3/7/2020

Number of pages: 234

Word Count: 52,000

Cover Artist: Inked Entertainment

Tagline: Undeniable attraction. Blood magic. Vampire politics. Murder...Just another day in Las Vegas.

Book Description:

Liss Lorensson is a thrall–born to be a servant of the vampire crown prince.

Gregor Valdemar is a vampire prince who chafes under the strict rule of his sire and longs for a different life.

When the two finally meet on Liss’s 21st birthday, sparks fly. But blood magic, murder, and political intrigue stand in the way of their growing romance. Vampire seduction meets the power of the blood in this first volume of the Supernaturals of Las Vegas series.

About the Author:

Carrie Harris is a geek-of-all-trades who writes genre fiction for all ages. If it has monsters, mayhem, or murder in it, she’s all in. Because all authors are required to have a history of weird jobs, she worked as an autopsy coordinator and in a lab full of brains in jars. Now she’s a full time writer in Utah, where she lives with her ninja-doctor husband and three teenage children. Carrie has done a variety of cool things like organizing WriteOnCon (an online writers conference) and serving as the president of the Class of 2k11 (an author marketing group), and her book BAD TASTE IN BOYS was named a Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers. If you bring any of this up to her, she will blush a ridiculous amount. As you read this, she is probably drinking something caffeinated and talking to people that only exist in her head.


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