Friday, March 13, 2020

Sale Extended - We Need Books Now More Than Ever

Many of us are now stuck in the house. Books are a great way to get through quarantines and isolation.

Here in Michigan all events have been cancelled, schools and colleges are closed and people are urged to stay home as much as possible. My kid is out of school for three weeks. I am working on fun things to keep him busy. I discovered many museums around the world have virtual tours. We're definitely going to be visiting the Louvre and the Van Gogh Musuem.

In addition to keeping The Kid busy I'm worried about my husband going to work everyday and at the same time worried that he won't be able to go to work, which means we are going to be really bad off financially. Two self employed people who won't qualify for unemployment or relief programs. If it gets really bad I don't know how we'll be able to eat let alone pay our bills. 

I am worried about my 82 year old mother who is stubborn and hates to be cooped up in her house. I'm worried about me and my compromised immune system. The list of worries go on...

I'm trying not to panic right now. I know many people are in the same boat or even worse. 

To help us all through this frightening time I am extending the Bewitching Book Tours 20% off sale to April 1. 

There will be a lot of free promo as well. I'm happy to share your freebies and sale prices on social media. 

I want to help authors get their books out there in front of readers who desperately need a good distraction. More people are going to be online looking for distractions than ever before.

The 20% off sale price is now effective for tours and social media packages.

Books have always been my go-to escape, my pleasure in life. You can bet I'm going to be devouring many, many books in the coming weeks. So I will be looking for plenty of reading material for myself as well as sharing books with other book lovers like me. 

On the Bewitching Facebook page I'll be sharing lots of great books and series. So please join me there. Our first discussion is about Urban Fantasy series. Join in. 

Let's share some light in a time of darkness. Give a shout out to your favorite books and authors.

To me it feels like waking up in a state of shock. The entire nation (world) in a collective state of shock and fear. I imagine most of us never believed this could happen in our modern world. I pray this will pass soon. 

Stay safe and healthy my friends. I hope you find many good books to fill your days and nights.

20% Off Any Bewitching Book Tours Virtual Tour Package or Social Media Package

Cannot be combined with any other special pricing or sales.

Use code: WITCH20

This discount expires April 1

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