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Now On Tour Letters to God by Krystal Doolittle

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Letters to God
Krystal Doolittle

Genre: Religious/Spiritual
Date of Publication: March 13, 2020
ISBN: 9798612411468

ASIN: B08544CKH9
Number of pages: 120
Word Count: 37,413

Cover Artist: Krystal Doolittle

Tagline: What if God looked like you and me?

Book Description:

Rowan MacAllister never realized that she had become stuck in a boring cycle in her life until one day everything comes crashing down. Her best friend insists that they go to a new local psychic shop as a way to break out of the rut she’d been stuck in. But Rowan finds herself receiving wise advice that she takes to heart. She should start writing letters to let out everything that had been bottled up for far too long.

Penning a letter to God, she finds strange things happen the next day along with meeting an older woman named Mary. The two become fast friends and Mary seems to unknowingly address the letters that Rowan continues to write to God while they are apart. The coincidences become too much for Rowan who begins to wonder if perhaps Mary IS God.

Rowan searches for answers while putting the pieces of her life back together. Meanwhile learning that her thoughts truly do alter her reality and that sometimes the things you think are a curse can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

About the Author:

Krystal lives in rural southeast Kansas, on the outskirts of an official ghost town with her husband and children, along with a multitude of animals. She can often be found taking a walk in nature, shuffling one of her many decks of tarot cards or finding something new to watch.

As a writer, she loves to craft stories that may be shorter in length, but are packed with unforgettable characters and situations that her readers can relate to. She understands that every villain can be a hero and every hero a villain.

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