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Now On Tour The House of the Wolf by Alison Baird - Exclusive Excerpt

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The House of the Wolf
The Werewolves of Quebec 
Book One
Alison Baird

Genre:  Paranormal, Werewolf
Publisher:  Salon Books
Date of Publication:  2017
ISBN: 0969803168
ASIN:  978-0-9698031-6-4
Number of pages:  426
Word Count:  131, 320
Cover Artist:  Y. Nikolova 

Tagline:  The wolf within is the greatest danger of all.

Book Description:

In the barren arctic, a white wolf journeys alone across the tundra. All his life he has dreamed of the strange creatures called humans that dwell far to the south –– creatures that wolf lore says have an ancient mystical kinship with his own species. Abandoning his pack, he sets out to make contact with human beings and learn the truth.  

In the state of Vermont, a young girl embarks on her own journey of self-discovery. 18-year-old Chantal Boisvert never knew her parents, and she is determined to learn more about them –– especially her French Canadian father, who died in mysterious circumstances. 

When she arrives in the province of Quebec the wealthy Boisvert family gives Chantal a seemingly warm and loving welcome. But then strange and sinister things start to happen. 

Why do her relatives slip away into the forest after sundown?  Why does she keep dreaming at night of being a wolf running in the wild?  Who is the attractive pale-haired boy who keeps turning up, and why do he and his friends seem so concerned for her safety?

Could it possibly be true that the Boisverts are loups garous –– werewolves?

Exclusive Excerpt:
There were a number of doors along the corridor, opening into large rooms.   Lysette led her into one.  It was a large chamber, its rounded shape following the lines of the tower into which it was set, and it had rose-pink walls and creamy trim all softly lit by chandeliers.  Once inside Chantal stopped dead.  She had expecting to see her grandmother, and possibly her aunt and cousin Francine as well.  But the room was filled with people, about twenty or so, all costumed in Napoleonic attire.  Thérèse Boisvert sat on the round upholstered seat at the base of the room’s central column, her blue mantle flowing about her: a queen holding court.  To her left stood Genevieve, to her right a tall man in a dark-blue coat and knee-breeches whom Chantal did not know.  Francine, clad in a lilac-coloured Empire gown, sat alone by the window looking out on the river.  She turned as Chantal and her sister came in, then pointedly looked away again.

“Come in, ma chère enfant!” Thérèse called out to Chantal.  “This is a lovely room, non?  It is the Salon Rose – once a favourite of Winston Churchill’s.  He and your President Roosevelt and the Canadian prime minister Mackenzie King came here often when they were staying in the Citadelle, planning France’s liberation from the Nazis.”  And how wealthy and powerful must I be, in order to rent such a famous room, was the unspoken subtext.  When Chantal made no reply, Thérèse patted the pink upholstery beside her and flashed a wide, white smile at her recalcitrant granddaughter.  “Come and sit by me,” she entreated.

What big teeth you have, Grandmother, thought Chantal.  She remained where she was, several paces away from Thérèse and close to the door.  “Thanks, but I’d rather stand.”

With a wave of her hand Thérèse introduced the other occupants of the room.  Most were older people, Boisvert relatives and members of Thérèse’s own family, the rich and powerful Valcourts.  The tall man at her side was her brother-in-law, Antoine Boisvert; looking at his heavy brows and thick shock of hair, both now turned iron-grey, Chantal suddenly saw the resemblance to her father and grandfather. In his turn Great-uncle Antoine gave Chantal a long, appraising look. 

“I understand now the eagerness of Yves,” he said, turning to Thérèse.  “Why he cannot wait.  I had suspected it was only his impatience for the Boisvert wealth, but no: she is desirable in herself.”

   Chantal’s cheeks burned with resentment.  “Are you through discussing me to my face?” she said.

   Antoine showed his teeth in a broad smile.  “Spirited, too!  A credit to her pack.  She must be formidable in her other form, Thérèse.  A perfect head-wolf – an ‘alpha’, as the humans put it.”

About the Author:

Alison Baird is the award-nominated author of numerous novels for both adult and young adult readers, including The Dragon's Egg (Scholastic Canada), White as the Waves (Tuckamore Books), The Hidden World, The Wolves of Woden, and the Willowmere trilogy (Penguin Canada), and The Dragon Throne trilogy (Warner Books). Baird has also published numerous works of short fiction in Canadian magazines and anthologies.  She lives in Ontario, Canada.

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