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Now On Tour Dead Man Walking by Zach Adams #Horror

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Dead Man Walking
The Ivyverse 
Book One 
Zach Adams

Genre: Contemporary fantasy, mystery, horror
Publisher: Adams/Valentine
Date of Publication: September 19th, 2021
ISBN Print: 978-1-7370775-0-3
ISBN Kindle: 978-1-7370775-3-4 
ISBN PDF: 978-1-7370775-2-7
Number of pages: 288
Word Count: 78,098
Cover Artist: Touqeer Shahid

Tagline: “Unlocking the door to the dead”

Book Description: 

Dead Man Walking by Zach Adams is a compelling contemporary fantasy novel full of twists and turns that will leave readers captivated until the last page. Focusing on Isaac Falcone, a young library assistant, this novel follows the man as he realizes that his life is becoming infested with otherworldly creatures, many of whom mean to do him harm. After discovering a magic book, Isaac is attacked by a swarm of the undead, but is rescued by an elven man named L’├Žon. The elf suddenly appears in Isaac’s life more and more, allegedly protecting him from the malicious forces that mean to do him harm. But nothing can prepare Isaac for the penultimate evil that he will have to face in order to save himself...and his entire reality.

Author Store      Amazon

About the Author: 

Author Zach Adams has had a passion for writing and storytelling his entire life. However, he didn’t decide to pursue it as a profession until he realized that working in retail was completely draining his remaining life force.  And so, Adams set out to create a fascinating and captivating novel, which he achieved in his debut work, “Dead Man Walking”.

Having a general distaste for his current reality, Zach aspires to escape into the science fiction and fantasy worlds that he creates. And by doing so, he aims to share this escapism with his readers (who are probably also incredibly tired of the current state of things).

Zach was raised by an anthropomorphic ostrich, and is a seasoned time traveler. Coincidentally, he also enjoys making up utter nonsense about himself. Currently, Adams lives in Alaska with his cat Gamora (who he does not plan to sacrifice on Vormir).

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