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Healing Magic
The Witches of New Mourne 
Book Three
Neely Powell 

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Date of Publication: Oct. 18, 2021
ISBN Paperback: 978-1-5092-3960-3  
ISBN Digital: 978-1-5092-3961-0
Number of pages: 279
Word Count: 65,001 
Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor

Tagline: An empathic witch. A magical warrior. Joined by love, they battle a demon and an evil spirit.

Book Description:

Eva Grace Connelly is a witch and a beloved healer. Rodric McGuire, paranormal expert and descendent of faerie warriors, adores the flame-haired beauty. But their future is on hold as a family curse threatens her life. 

Centuries ago, the Witches of New Mourne struck a dark bargain with the Woman in White. In exchange for peace, the malevolent spirit takes a Connelly witch from each generation. 

Eva Grace is convinced she can heal the ghost's troubled spirit and end the reign of terror. But violence and family heartbreak challenge that resolve. As Samhain approaches, the Woman and her vile demon have control. 

Is sacrifice the only road to peace? Can Eva Grace and Rodric uncover the secrets and lies at the heart of the curse?

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Exclusive Excerpt for Bewitching Tour

There had always been only one wand in the coven. It had been passed down from one coven leader to the next. Not only was it imbued with the power of the lightning, it had absorbed the powers of the coven leaders.

A new generation of witches with their own wands would be a different direction for the coven, but in her heart, Eva Grace felt it was right. This was the twenty-first century, and the witches around her table were strong and capable. They’d proven that in the meadow by standing united with Brenna when she faced Willow. It was time for change.

“Unless passed down in the coven, a wand chooses its user,” Brenna said. “We all learned that as children.” She pushed the box to the middle of the table and picked up her own wand. “Take your time and let your emotions guide you.”

Once again, the room was silent. Eva Grace looked at the beautiful woods, the carvings so lovingly made by Marcus, and suddenly knew hers would be the cedar. It would cleanse negativity in the atmosphere and would also be perfect for creating a sacred place, which she had been planning since moving to her new home. She held out her hand, and the cedar wand rose toward her. Her fingers closed around it, and warmth moved up her arm to her heart. With this wand her magic would increase, and its power would be positive and personal. She smiled at Brenna, feeling the magical thread that bound them strengthen.

Fiona studied the remaining magical implements for a moment, then took the gleaming cherry wand. An intricate, carved line ran down one side, all the way to the tapered base. “Oh my,”

Fiona whispered, a look of wonder on her face. Cherry would help keep Fiona grounded, especially when she interacted with several spirits at once. It stabilized and focused magic and helped its owner go beyond the obstacles in her path

Without hesitation, Lauren picked up the ash wood wand and raised it to create a ring of sparkles over their heads. “Oh, yeah, this one is mine,” she said and laughed with delight.

The light-colored wood with polished moonstones pulsed with intelligence, curiosity and the elements.

Eva Grace thought it suited her glamorous, passionate cousin.

“And this is mine,” Maggie said, although she didn’t touch the remaining wand.

“It’s chestnut,” Brenna said.

Still Maggie didn’t move. Eva Grace grew worried as the silence stretched. Maggie had shown her mettle at the battle with Willow, but Eva Grace suspected she still saw herself as the weak link.

“Chestnut is for those who seek justice,” Brenna said. Maggie lifted her chin.

“Justice is needed in this world.” She grasped the wand and a bolt of light shot up to the ceiling.

“Holy goddess,” she murmured as a smile spread across her face. “I didn’t know it would feel like this, as if you’re safely at home.”

She caressed the beautiful etchings that covered the deep reds and golds in the wood.

Around the table, her witch cousins tested their wands for heft and studied the carvings and crystals.

There were four crystals on Eva Grace’s wand that were essential for an empath. Rose quartz would force away negative feelings, the black tourmaline was for protection, the amethyst would strengthen her intuition, and malachite would remove emotional blockages.

Once again, Brenna picked up the family wand. “As you all know, a wand won’t work unless you can focus all of your intention on what you want it to do. That’s something you’ll have to practice. I’m learning on the job myself.” Her mischievous grin flashed.

“But it feels natural,” Fiona said as her wand glowed.

“We mustn’t forget these are weapons,” Brenna said, her teasing tone gone.

About the Author:

Leigh Neely and Jan Hamilton Powell are the writing team of Neely Powell. They met working at a rock ‘n roll radio station, discovered they’d both rather be writing fiction, and have been close friends ever since. Their path to cowriting paranormal romance took some detours. 

Leigh’s resume chronicles a diverse career as a disk jockey, newspaper reporter, advertising copywriter, magazine writer and editor. Jan wrote 24 romance novels as Celeste Hamilton for Silhouette and Avon Books and then built a career in corporate communications and public relations. 

Neely Powell became a successful team when they turned their attention to shifters, werewolves, witches, ghosts, fae and all things supernatural. 

Their first novel was TRUE NATURE from The Wild Rose Press, followed by AWAKENING MAGIC and HAUNTING MAGIC. The Witches of New Mourne trilogy will conclude in October 2021 with HEALING MAGIC. 

Their rules for maintaining a partnership are simple:  be honest, be kind, and bring Diet Coke and chocolate.

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