Thursday, April 28, 2022

New Release: Rationality Zero by JM Guillen #SciFi #TechnoThriller

A living weapon. An attack on the laws of reality. 

One chance to save the world.

Rationality Zero
The Archon Conundrum
Book One
JM Guillen

Genre: SciFi, TechnoThriller
ASIN: ‎B09X214566
Publisher: ‎ Imperishable Press
Publication Date: ‎ April 28, 2022

Book Description:

A living weapon. An attack on the laws of reality. One chance to save the world. Michael Bishop is a man who never dreams, who never gets ill. He lives his entire life oblivious to the truths hidden from him. He is a tool in the hand of the most powerful organization on Earth. 

Michael’s world transforms when They bring him online- when They activate the mysterious technology buried within his skull. Then, the lies fall away. He becomes Asset 108. 

Using intricate technology, he defends humanity from the gibbering, tentacled horrors that haunt our world. When mysterious renegades fracture the very laws of nature, Asset 108 is put into position. As the world begins to unravel, a cabal of madmen with physics shattering powers hunt 108 and his cadre, driving them into an alternate reality— a realm filled with inhuman horror. 

Between otherworldly arachnids, muscled brutes infected with psionic parasites, and depraved cultists, grisly deaths lurk behind Michael’s every choice. Yet all too soon, things become far, far, worse.

#weirdtechnology #weirdphysics #invasion #alternaterealities #sciencefiction #SciFi #technothriller 

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