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Now On Tour Heir of Memory and Shadow by Rachanee Lumayno #FantasyYA

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Heir of Memory and Shadow
Kingdom Legacy Series
Book Two
Rachanee Lumayno

Genre: Fantasy/ YA Fantasy
Publisher: Miss Lana Press
Date of Publication: May 2022
ISBN: 9781736181126
Number of pages: 338
Word Count: 72, 197
Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde 

Book Description: 

Kaernan Asthore may be one of the most gifted Seekers in the kingdom of Orchwell, but he wants nothing more than to be rid of his gift: the ability to find lost loves, which often ends in heartbreak.

So when Lady Adallia Pahame hires him to find her own lost love, Kaernan assumes it will be an easy, routine commission.

But when the mystery surrounding his new traveling companion causes them to run afoul of an infamous gang of bounty hunters, Kaernan realizes this is one commission he might not return from. Will he be able to uncover the truth in time to save his friends — and himself?

Heir of Memory and Shadow is the second book in the Kingdom Legacy series.

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Heir of Memory and Shadow - Exclusive Excerpt for Bewitching Book Tours

By Rachanee Lumayno

My disturbing dream about Delphine jarred me out of my slumber. I woke up feeling unusually … heavy. It was hard to wake up, like when you stay up too late and then fall asleep, only to wake still feeling exhausted. I fought through the mental fog that was wrapped around my brain and sat up, extremely groggy.

Nearby, Farrah and Rhyss sat up in their bedrolls, trying to blink away the remnants of sleep as well. Farrah looked at me curiously. “Kaernan, are you all right?” Her voice was oddly muffled.

I shook my head, but it felt like I was trying to do so underwater. And it made the dull throbbing at the back of my skull worsen.

“No,” I said. Even my words came out slow and fuzzy, like my tongue was wrapped in cotton. “I had a bad dream that someone … some thing … took —”

“Delphine? Where’s Delphine?”

I turned my head — carefully — to see Adallia looking around, wide-eyed. She seemed disoriented, too, and sounded just as cotton-tongued as I did.

“Maybe she went to relieve herself?” I suggested.

“No … no,” Adallia said. “She knows not to stray from the group unless she tells one of us where she’s going first.”

Rhyss groaned, drawing my attention. He was holding his head, wincing in pain. He caught me looking at him. “I feel like I do the day after we celebrate a successfully completed commission, without the fun of actually drinking in celebration.”

Farrah frowned. She reached out and touched Rhyss on his temple. In just moments, he brightened considerably as his headache lessened. He beamed at his friend. “Thanks, Farrah.”

She was still frowning, her brow now furrowed in deep thought. “Not a problem.” Her expression grew more serious. “Your headache was a result of something magical, not natural.”

Now we were all looking at her. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Didn’t you set up the magical wards last night?”

She nodded. “I did, like I do every night. You hired me for my magical abilities; I wouldn’t have forgotten something so basic to my job.”

I nodded as well. I hadn’t meant to sound accusatory, but I had to explore every angle.

Fortunately, Farrah didn’t seem offended, just thoughtful. “Everyone seems to be feeling disoriented, even though we got a good night’s sleep. Actually, we’re all feeling that way because we got a good night’s sleep. Well, maybe not that good. It feels like … I think someone cast a sleeping powder on our group in the night.”

“But how?” I asked. “I thought your wards protected against that sort of thing.”

“Against magical attacks, yes,” Farrah said. “But not against physical attacks or magical items. No wards can do that. That’s why you should always set a watch.”

She turned to look pointedly at Rhyss, who wilted under her glare and sheepishly looked away. “Sorry,” he said. “I was watching … but the next thing I knew, I was waking up with the rest of you.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “From what Farrah is saying, it doesn’t sound like there was much you could have done.”

“No, Farrah’s right, I’m usually more competent than this. I should have —”

“It doesn’t matter what you should have done,” Adallia interrupted impatiently. “What matters is what we do now. And in this whole time we’ve been talking, my daughter hasn’t returned. Do you suppose … do you suppose she’s been taken?”

“Oh, no,” Farrah said, in an attempt to comfort Adallia. “Why would anyone want to take your daughter?”

This was it. Now I had to say something. I picked up my rolled up jacket, which had been serving as a makeshift pillow. Reaching into the inside pocket, I drew out the crumpled piece of paper and smoothed it out.

“I think I know what may have happened. Adallia, I need you to be honest with us. Does this state the truth about your daughter?”


About the Author:

Rachanee Lumayno is an actress, voiceover artist, screenwriter, avid gamer, and amateur dodgeball player. She grew up in Michigan, where she spent way too much of her free time reading fantasy novels. She still spends too much of her free time reading fantasy novels, although now she writes them too. Heir of Memory and Shadow is her second novel, and the second book in the Kingdom Legacy series. 

You can find her online at:

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