Thursday, May 12, 2022

New Release: Blackbriar Cove by Jennifer Silverwood #SilverHollow #FantasyRomance

Death is not the end in Silver Hollow, and the war for the Borderlands has only begun...

Blackbriar Cove 
Borderlanda Saga 
Book Two
Jennifer Silverwood

Tagline: A forgotten realm of spirits, shifters, and secrets...

Genre: Fantasy Romance

In a single night of madness, Amie won the battle and lost the two people she loved most. As she struggles to be the queen her people need, her family band together against the hidden threat at their borders. 

Haunted by the ghosts of her past, Amie strikes a pact with an ancient being called the Storyteller. In order to see Emrys again, they must put aside their blood feud, and cross the veil to a place of spirits and monsters. 

Blackbriar Cove is a land where superstition and chaos reign, and spirits plague dreams. A dark curse has twisted the Unseelie who once lived in the home the Blackbriar twins vowed never to return. 

**The sequel, Dalriada Valley will release in September 2022.**

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