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Now scheduling a two week tour for The Last Man? by Favian Segovia #SciFi

Now scheduling a two week tour for The Last Man?  by Favian Segovia

This tour will be October 17-31(weekdays only)

I am scheduling reviews, guest blogs, interviews and spotlight stops

pdf available for reviewers 

To participate in this tour please send:

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The Last Man? 
Journey To New Eden
Favian Segovia

Genre: SciFi
Publisher: Writers Republic LLC
Date of Publication:  August 26, 2022
Number of pages:  132 pages

Book Description: 

A new sci-fi book series awaits readers as author Favian Segovia releases the first installment in The Last Man? He invites readers to embark on this journey to the New Eden with the last man on Earth. What will happen to the world, as people know it? Can one man still bring hope despite the challenging circumstances that lie ahead? Readers will find out in the pages of Book One of “Journey to New Eden”. 

A world war of greed and power pushes the governments into their own extinction. A virus outbreak targets men into a near extinction. A military driven by women search for surviving men in an attempt to control a world in ruins. All faith has been lost with no future and no hope. Only one secret place holds the answer to restore peace. One man is the key of hope. 

A man out of the ashes rises forward in search for the last city called New Eden, in the hopes and desperation to re-establish humanity. But he has to find out the hard way the perils of being the last man. 

About the Author:
Favian Segovia was born in the city of Bravo state of Nuevo Leon in the republic of Mexico.

Favian believes that just like most talented people that were born with a beautiful voice or with an exceptional ability to draw or paint fine arts. He believes that every person in the world has a talent that almost no one can replicate. Everyone is unique in their ability, everyone has a different approach to doing things and building great  ideas or structures of disbelief. Favian believes that the mind is so powerful that it can be used for the good of humanity or its destruction. Favian believes in opportunity for everyone. Sometimes finding a great person is like trying to find a diamond in the rough. Favian wants to be recognized one day as one of the best sci fi writers.

Favian believes he can get to the top if he steps out of the ordinary in writing and goes beyond or above conventional writing. But he also is also a down to earth person knowing that it's not easy going out to change what is already established. But truly believes that nothing is out of reach if you keep dreaming and keep making those dreams come true by never giving up hope and doing everything in his power to make it happen. Once you give up you will never accomplish your dreams.

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