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Now On Tour A Haunting at Marianwood by E.M. Munsch with an Exclusive Excerpt

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A Haunting at Marianwood
Dash Hammond 
Book Six
E.M. Munsch

Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Mystery and Horror, LLC
Date of Publication: October 18, 2022
ISBN-10: ‎1949281213
ISBN-13: ‎978-1949281217
Print length: ‎217 pages

Book Description: 

Life is good for Dash Hammond. He's recently remarried his childhood sweetheart, Dr. Maevis Summers, and together they're raising his four-year-old son, T.J. in the Hammond family homestead in Clover Pointe, Ohio. A retired Army colonel, Dash now keeps himself busy fixing everything from a leaky faucet to an unsolved murder.

It is no wonder that his cousin Billy McCafferty calls on Dash for a road trip to Kentucky when  his oldest sister is in trouble. The president of a religious order, Sister Miriam Patrice, Miri Pat to those who knew her before she took the veil, has been hearing things, seeing things and misplacing things. A very competent woman, she refuses to accept an unearthly reason for all this.

Marianwood, the motherhouse of the Sisters of the Blessed Mother of God, is located on an old plantation thought to be haunted by its original inhabitant, Miss Victoria Harris, who is rumored to prowl the grounds and cemetery in search of her murdered beau. 

When the Ohio contingent arrives, they discover that things are not as simple as your ordinary haunting. 

In a battle of wits, will the victor be supernatural or a very corporal retired Army colonel?

Bewitching Tour Exclusive: Meeting Tater

They reached the stairs when they heard an overhead announcement, “Would Colonel Hammond please come to reception? Colonel Hammond to reception, please.”

They did an about-face and walked back to Sister Edith’s desk. Standing in the reception area was Ollie, fairly covered with snow. He stood on the mat, clearly not wanting to drip on the marble floor.

Seeing the distressed look on Ollie’s face, Dash stepped quickly over to him.

“Ollie, is there a problem? I take it that the snow plowing isn’t going well.”

“Sir, I found a car, door open. No one inside but it had been running for a while. The exhaust melted the snow all round it. Several empty bottles were inside. I figure the driver got drunk and then left the car. I pulled this out of the glove compartment, but I can’t find the driver.” He handed Dash a slip of paper. It was the proof of insurance that the state requires each driver to keep in the car. “If that slip is true, then you might have a problem. That guy is a real low-life, trouble with a capital T.”

Billy stepped over to read the slip along with Dash. The name of the insured was Tatum Boone, address in Bardstown.

“Well, this confirms the identity of the man in the snowbank,” Billy said.

“Man in the snowbank? What’s happened here?” Ollie asked.

Dash reached for the man’s coat and gloves. “Wipe your feet, and let’s talk.”

The men adjourned to the restroom down the hall since Ollie did not want to drip all over the wooden floor. Each man picked a spot on the wall to lean against. Dash told an abbreviated version of what happened since they arrived. No mention made of Sister Miriam Patrice’s calling in reinforcements for the strange happenings. Ollie was left to assume the problems were the handiwork of this Tater fellow, though the reasons to scare the Hammond group were left unanswered.

Ollie frowned. “I thought I saw a good-sized man around the backside of the building. Figured he was helping the sisters during the storm. Thought he replaced the Borland brothers. They’ve been out sick for a bit now.”

“The man you saw is one of my team, definitely here to help the sisters. You can see why I was so abrasive with you. I figured you might be the guy playing nasty pranks on us. Would you know this Tatum Boone if you saw him?” Dash asked.

“Know him? Yes, sir, I would. I put him in the hospital a year or so ago. Bit slow on the uptake, but has an eye for the ladies. He stalked my Mona, harassed her no end. I had to put a stop to it when he broke into her apartment. Where is he? I’ll have a look.”

Billy asked, “Did you do jail time for the assault?”

“Nah, the sheriff didn’t even charge me. Everyone knows Tater deserved to be beaten a good one. Thought for a minute I was going to get a medal,” Ollie said as he started down the hall.

“Small town justice,” Billy commented.

They walked to the makeshift hospital ward.

Irma and Ilene were standing guard as requested. Dash whispered the introductions.

Ollie walked over to Tater who was sound asleep. He turned to Dash and nodded. “That’s Tater for sure. What happened to him?”

Dash answered, “We suspect he was outside last night during the storm. Since you found his car and the empty bottles, we can assume he spent the night there. Once the gas ran out, he made his way to the building but couldn’t get in. Billy spotted him and we dragged him in through a window, which reminds me—I’ll have to repair that before it gets dark.”

“He had no ID on him, but Sister Edith thought he might be Tater but wasn’t sure. You’ve confirmed it,” Billy added.

“If you need to take him to the hospital, if you feel obligated, I guess I can plow a way to the highway. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t bother. Good riddance, as they say.”

About the Author:

Elaine Munsch is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, but has spent her adult life in Louisville, Kentucky.  She graduated from Nazareth College of Kentucky located outside of Bardstown and attended The Ohio State University for her graduate work. She has been a bookseller for fifty years working in both large and small, chain and independent bookstores. She opened the first Barnes and Noble in Kentucky where she set up a mystery reading group which is still active today. She also taught classes in the mystery genre for the Veritas Society and joined the local chapter of Sisters in Crime.
With Susan Bell, she co-edited MYSTERY WITH A SPLASH OF BOURBON, an anthology of bourbon related stories.

As E.M. Munsch, she writes the Dash Hammond series set on the shores of Lake Erie. The latest title, A HAUNTING AT MARIANWOOD, is set to be released at the end of October.

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