Thursday, December 1, 2022

New Release : The Crimson Daughter by J.I. Hens #ParanormalRomance

“The demons I fought to keep in their cages had broken free and I had the messy job of rounding them up one by one and putting them back where they belonged.”

The Crimson Daughter 
The Dark Blood Chronicles 
Book One
J.I. Hens

Khris sits in a bar in Soho, trying to figure out how to keep her job. The only way to do that is to persuade her co-worker from revealing her secret.

But before that can happen, she stumbles onto a mystery nobody wants her to know, one that threatens to change her life completely. The moment she leaves that bar, someone is on her trail, and he'll stop at nothing.

Lucien comes from a long line of Dark Bloods, a race descended from rogue knights who use dark magic to gain power and influence. Their number one rule is not to get too close to humans. It always causes trouble. Which makes him wonder why he's doing exactly that.

Still, he can't shake the thought about the strange human female, but navigating his feelings should be the last thing on his mind, considering the murder scene he must solve, and this woman seems to be at the centre of it.

Read The Crimson Daughter and discover your next favorite paranormal romance story.

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