Monday, January 23, 2023

New Release : The Firebrand by T. M. Smith #ParanormalRomance


Rein’s heart drummed against his ribs. Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Unable to see the color of her eyes, he peered into her dark glasses while inching closer, stopping when they were boots-to-sneakers.

The Firebrand
The Blood Coven Series
Book One
T. M. Smith

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Braelyn James wants what she can’t have. A new job. Adventure. A cancer-free brain. But she writes for a paranormal tabloid even though she doesn’t believe such nonsense. And instead of sunbathing on a Greek island, she’s off to Cleveland on assignment. Oh, and her tumor is back.

Then …

She takes a shortcut through an alley. At the end of it is Rein, a seductive Vampire mix from a different realm. Once lost to the bludfrenzy, the Firebrand warrior now locks down his feral urges with icy control. He doesn’t make rash decisions.
Until …

He sees Braelyn, a female he cannot resist. Kidnapping her, he takes her to his realm.

Where …

An ancient threat is on the hunt, and Braelyn is squarely in his sights. Rein is her best chance to survive.

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