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Now On Tour An Otherwise Perfect Plan: A Novel of Mystery, Love and of Chocolate that Defies Description by Ken Schafer

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An Otherwise Perfect Plan: A Novel of Mystery, Love and of Chocolate that Defies Description
Ken Schafer

Genre: Contemporary Literary YA
Publisher: Moon Jumper Press
Date of Publication: July 31, 2023
ISBN: 9-781958-4560-33
ASIN: 1958456039
Number of pages: 274
Word Count: 95K
Cover Artist: Kendall Ohlsen

Tagline: Gwen Pendergrass has a problem

Book Description:

Life hasn’t been easy for Gwen Pendergrass as a free-lunch student living with her mom in a one-bedroom apartment whose tiny, Marquis de Sade-inspired kitchen seems intent on inflicting grave bodily harm. The only thing making life palatable is her neighbor, Peter, a loner like herself who goes to the same high school, and who shares her love of books, banter, and endless reflection on the absurd¬ities of the universe. 

When Gwen’s mom receives a once-in-a-lifetime oppor¬tunity to reclaim the life she’d given up due to Gwen’s unplanned birth, Gwen is beyond ecstatic...up until her mom says she has to reject the offer, because they don’t have the savings and can’t afford to take advantage of it.

Gwen cannot, will not, let this happen, no matter the cost. She intercepts the rejection letter her mom was mailing, then ropes Peter into a Hail Mary of a scheme to find her father, undeterred by knowing utterly nothing about him—not even his name!—and only having a strip of photographs of him and her mom, taken in a photo booth somewhere in Las Vegas the weekend of her conception to go on.

And while she receives surprising help from unexpected allies, before she knows it, her white lies, scheming, and emotional roller coaster start to make a mess of everything, and it quickly becomes a race to find her dad before her mom catches on, her head explodes, or it all spirals completely out of control.

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About the Author:

Ken Schafer started his professional writing career as a screenwriter, working for companies as diverse as Disney, Paramount and ABC, and on projects ranging from a prequel to "Sleeping Beauty" to "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and ABC Night at the Movies.

His passion for all kinds of writing, and the enthusiasm of his daughter for all things word-related, inspired him to branch out to children's books--including his forthcoming "A... is for Ahhhhhhh!" A Halloween Alphabeastiary", and "The Cow who Conquered the Moon"--along with both adult historical/Fantasy novels, and his first YA Novel: "An Otherwise Perfect Plan: A Novel of Mystery, Love, and of Chocolate that Defies Description."

He is repped by Anne McDermott at AM Management, and can usually be found in San Diego along with his wife, and a Schrödinger's Number of Cats. 

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