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Now On Tour Flash Paranormal Fiction: 13 Stories by D. P. Roseberry #Horror

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Flash Paranormal Fiction: 13 Stories
D. P. Roseberry

Genre: Horror/Paranormal flash
Date of Publication: July 2023 
Number of pages: 65
Word Count: approx. 12,000 words 
Cover Artist: D. P. Roseberry 

Tagline: Don’t worry. Sleep is over-rated …

Book Description:

This collection of flash fiction is strictly paranormal ... and creepy. 

Flash Paranormal Fiction will send your flesh crawling with ghosts, witches, aliens, cryptids, and creatures of  all kinds. 

These 13 Flash stories are for those readers (just like us) who love quick and fun ghostly gatherings! 

Still ... maybe you shouldn't read it at night...

But don't worry. Sleep is overrated... 

Book Trailer:

Purchase at

About the Author:

Dinah Roseberry, or D. P. Roseberry, has been writing about the imagined world for many years. She dabbles in paranormal romantic intrigue (her most recent paranormal romance is Three Months to Change), sci fi, fantasy, horror, and many kinds of speculative fiction. With a special interest in UFOs, she is the founder of the UFO Management Group. 

Dinah is also a practicing certified hypnotist with her practice centering on past-life regression, alien abductions, and other paranormal topics. She reads the Tarot and varied oracles as well and finds that divination brings sharp interpretation to daily living and uses it as a method in her writing. Her latest Tarot decks are First Light Tarot and A Christmas Tarot: Ghosts of Past, Present, and Future. 

Writing Paranormal Flash is a guilty pleasure and she finds herself in the middle of these quick and ghosty stories more often than she likes to admit. Flash Paranormal Fiction is her first attempt at putting them from mind to media for you to read. For more information about other works and ongoing projects, visit 

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kellyr78 said...

I love how calm the characters seem when there is a zombie approaching. Sounds like a great book. -Kelly D

Jolanda said...

I love zombie stories.

Nancy P said...

Awesome visuals