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Now On Tour The Chimera Project by A.P. Taber #YASciFi #SpaceOpera

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The Chimera Project
Ryser Academy Series 
Book One
A.P. Taber

Genre: YA/Sci-fi- adventure, space opera, alien encounter
Publisher: InkBound Press
Date of Publication:  08/23/2023
ISBN: 979-8-218-25732-3
Number of pages: 280
Word Count: 66k
Cover Artist: izii_designer

Tagline: In a Universe of Secrets. One Girl's Destiny Unfolds

Book Description: 

A celestial mystery. A destiny waiting to be embraced.

Neo's life at Ryser Academy was supposed to be straightforward, but enigmatic dreams and hidden family secrets have turned it into anything but ordinary. As she digs deeper, she uncovers truths about her lineage and the untapped powers within her, thrusting her onto a perilous path of adventure and self-discovery. Neo must summon the courage to face her destiny with the universe's fate hanging in the balance. Alongside her loyal friends, she embarks on an epic quest filled with interstellar intrigue, battling to protect not only her life and that of her friends but the fabric of the universe itself.

Will Neo rise to the challenge and unravel the mysteries that define her true identity? 

Discover the truth in The Chimera Project.

The secrets await. The adventure begins. The universe calls—are you ready to answer?

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About the Author:

Meet A.P. Taber, the ever-busy soul balancing life as a teacher, nurse, mother, and artist. When she’s not saving lives or shaping young adults’ minds, she’s venturing into other realms through her writing. She’s busier than a Trekker at a Star Trek convention! Her first novel was penned at age 10, and she’s been hooked on books ever since. (No intervention needed, she promises!)

A.P. lives in Nevada with her family. She’s known to cast spells with her words, summon creatures with her art, and maybe—win a game of Magic: The Gathering now and then.

When she’s not teaching, healing the sick, or dreaming up other realms, you can find her traveling to exotic lands or locked in an intense game of D&D, MTG, or any other board game that requires a strategy guide thicker than a triple-decker sandwich. And if she’s not there? Check the couch, where she’s likely petting her adorable cats.

A.P. writes with a focus on exploring the psychological and sociopolitical aspects of futuristic settings and the intersection of future tech, sociopolitics, and complex inter-species relationships. Her work delves into the intricacies of human (and non-human) relationships in a universe where the stakes are as high as they are diverse.

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