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Now scheduling a two-week tour for Natural Disaster by Alena Orrison

Now scheduling a two-week tour for Natural Disaster by Alena Orrison

This tour will be October 16-30 (weekdays only)

I am scheduling reviews, guest blogs, interviews, and spotlight stops

review copy available 

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Natural Disaster
Witches of Willowbrook 
Book One
Alena Orrison

Genre: Low Fantasy / Witchy Fantasy
Publisher: Spirited Ink Press
Date of Publication: 10/19/2023
ISBN: 979-8-9880131-0-5
Number of pages: 313
Word Count: 86,692
Cover Artist: Aspire Book Covers

Tagline: Will her grief and his betrayal make her Willowbrook's worst natural disaster?

Book Description: 

When Jessica loses both parents in a car accident, she seeks to honor their legacy of service in Willowbrook. Her parents loved the town and its people, and despite her desire for solitude, Jessica becomes interested in the lives of those around her. 

Grief-struck and juggling the garden along with her own business has Jessica stressed. She soon discovers the unpredictable weather reflects her internal turmoil.

Fearful of her powers and worried about the town's reaction, Jessica takes her brother's advice to attend a grief counseling group and begin meditating. She thinks she can restrain her magic if she can control her emotions. A witch from Willowbrook's coven contacts her and offers to teach Jessica how to use her magic. But learning does not come easy. Jessica's power spirals. The more she tries to rein it in, the wilder it becomes.

Then Zane, an attractive reporter from the city, arrives to do an investigative story on Willowbrook's odd weather patterns. Jessica realizes if her secret gets out, everyone she loves could be in danger of a witch hunt. Wanting a change of pace, Zane moves to Willowbrook. Jessica worries he'll be caught in the devastation of her powers. 

Can she learn to control her magic before she creates a Natural Disaster? And can she keep Zane from revealing everything?

About the Author: 

Alena Orrison is an award-winning author and a freelance writer and editor. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English, with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She started writing stories when she was three years old by telling them to her mom, who wrote them down. She has been editing professionally since 2015. Alena has several articles and stories published online and in anthologies. 

She currently lives in North Idaho with her husband, four children, two grandchildren, mom, three dogs, five cats, and a varying number of chickens. When she is not spending time with family and friends, gardening, boating, hiking, or at the gym, she is reading and writing. Alena also likes to crochet and spin yarn for some downtime. Some of her favorite authors include Ann McCaffrey, Elizabeth Cunningham, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Erin Morgenstern. You can visit her at

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