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Now On Tour Mage Breaker by Sean R. Frazier

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Mage Breaker
Mage Breaker Saga 
Book One
Sean R. Frazier

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Creative James Media
Date of Publication: November 28, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-956183-56-6
Number of pages: 350
Word Count: 95,030

Cover Artist: Dark Angel Graphic Design

Tagline: Magic isn’t a gift, it’s a prison.

Book Description:

The planet Seralune runs entirely on magic, a powerful force regulated by an Alien race known as the Kithrak. An ancient prophecy predicts their downfall at the hands of the most powerful mage ever to live.

Ellyne is a gunslinger who reluctantly agrees to assist a woman named Nicole, who is the answer to the prophecy, when the Kithrak discover that Nicole is the Mage Breaker.

Their quest to bring down this powerful threat leads them to the discovery of magic's dark secret. How will they cope when their mission must shift from one focused on their survival to one that must ensure the endurance of the entire human race?

Exclusive Excerpt: 
Countless times, she’d waded into a battle with no real plan—no strategy or even an inkling of what was going to happen. On the few occasions she’d devised some particular strategy, things usually went sideways, and she’d had to improvise anyway. Things always seemed to work out. At least, that’s how she remembered it.
                But her comrades trusted her implicitly. Even when she and her soldiers met with failure on several occasions, they stuck by her, confident they would succeed.
                And, eventually, they did. Every time.
                Nicole was no different than any one of the men and women who fought with Ellyne during the Flocia Wars. She placed her unquestioning trust in her for reasons Ellyne didn’t understand. What was it about her that exuded such confidence or knowledge when she was making it all up as she went?
                Her reputation was far more prestigious than she really was. The legends all had her winning in every endeavor and never losing a fellow soldier, but the truth was less positive and far bloodier.
                “Nicole,” she said, trying to keep her voice calm and not too dire. “You realize I have no idea what we’re getting into, right? We could be walking into a trap. I don’t even know what we’ll find in the Sistix. We may never make it out.”
                “Of course, I know,” Nicole laughed, dumping the crumbs from the bag into her mouth. “Though, it would’ve been nice if we were able to get more information out of Iksillix before … well, you know.”
                “I have a feeling he wasn’t going to offer up any more information than he already had but, Nicole, that’s not the point. I mean, this is serious. We will have no allies inside the Sistix. If you thought everyone was gunning for us now, just wait until we get in there. I have no plan for this.”

About the Author:

When Sean Frazier was growing up, he never really paid attention to the written word. It wasn't necessarily something he enjoyed at the time. Once he graduated college, however, the spark ignited and he decided to write something and try to get it published. And it was...well, not-so-great. Truly, it wasn't the highest caliber material ever produced. But the spark was still there, even if it was simply buried deep within.

Eventually, that overly-loquacious, meandering work of wordsmithing became his first book, "The Call of Chaos". It took many, many years, but Sean finally rekindled that drive and found that he did, indeed enjoy writing.

When he's not writing, Sean enjoys running, playing video games, and spending time with his family. He is a bona fide Halloween zealot, loves hot wings, is a grand master at telling terrible jokes and, oh, his cat can beat up your cat.(He's a total dork.)

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