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Now scheduling a one-week tour for “Huzza!” Toasting a New Nation, 1760-1815 by Timothy Symington

Now scheduling a one-week tour for “Huzza!”  Toasting a New Nation, 1760-1815 by Timothy Symington

This tour will be January 15- 29 (weekdays only)

I am scheduling reviews, guest blogs, interviews, and spotlight stops

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“Huzza!”  Toasting a New Nation, 1760-1815
Timothy Symington

Genre:  Nonfiction/History
Publisher:  McFarland Books
Date of Publication:  September 29, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-4766-9315-6 Print
ISBN: 978-1-4766-5056-2 ebook
Number of pages: 273
Word Count: 125,000. 

Tagline: Drinking toasts to the American Revolution and beyond!
Book Description:

During the early years of the United States, toasts captured popular sentiments regarding people and events.  Sometimes they were used to spread national ideology and partisan political views.  They could even be “weaponized” against political opponents, such as during the bitter election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1800.  “Huzza!”  Toasting a New Nation, 1760-1815 is a retelling of the familiar historical narrative, but toasts are used to tell the story of the events and people between the American Revolution and the War of 1812.

About the Author:

Timothy Symington received his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Saint Anselm College and his Master of Arts degree in American History from Adams State University.  A former educator, he now contributes to the Journal of the American Revolution.  “Huzza!”  Toasting a New Nation, 1760-1815 is his first book.

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