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Now On Tour Bound Across Time by Annie R McEwen + Exclusive Excerpt #ParanormalRomance

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Bound Across Time
Book One
Annie R McEwen 

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Ghost Romance
Publisher: Harbor Lane Books
Date of Publication: May 7, 2024
Number of pages: 324

Tagline: In a castle on the shores of the Irish Sea, she’s met the love of her life. Clever, witty, strong, fiercely attractive.  What’s the catch? He’s a ghost.

Book Description:

Historian CeCe’s dream job in a Welsh castle goes sideways when she’s ordered to ditch the history and lead ghost walks. That’s the worst of her worries until she meets Patrick: strong, handsome, irresistible…and dead since 1761.

Desire and hope flare in Patrick’s heart when CeCe touches him while, for CeCe, Patrick is everything. But she’s in the bright world of the living while he’s trapped in the shadows. 

Loving a ghost is deadly business. Patrick and CeCe struggle to outrace fate as it hurtles them toward disaster. Can the ancient riddle of an Irish seer save them? The spells of Welsh witches? 

Or can powers CeCe didn’t even know she possessed bridge time and defeat death?

Book Trailer: https://shorturl.at/ajuE0

Bewitching Exclusive Excerpt from Bound Across Time by Annie R. McEwen

Shock kept CeCe stuck in her chair until Wren prodded her out of it so it could be folded and put away. Standing in the spot where the chair had been, she rehearsed what the witches said. Scrabbled to find ways around it. It was just their opinion, after all. While she was as broadminded as the next person, she didn’t have to believe it, them, any of it.

I mean, really, I’m standing in a shop that sells Gryffindor neckties.

By the time all the witches but Jana dispersed, CeCe had ignited a small flame of defiance and an even bigger one of denial. “Jana, I know they mean well, but everything will be fine. Besides, my personal life is just that, mine. I’m not comfortable with strangers messing around in it.”

Jana ignored her comment completely. She had her cat-eye readers on and was bent over a stuffed-to-overflowing Irish dresser, rummaging in the lower cabinets and muttering. “No, not those. Um, no, don’t think so. Oh, so that’s where that went. Right, then, here we are.” She straightened and handed CeCe two glass bottles, one red, one blue. They were around three inches tall, the height of mini-bar liquor bottles, but larger in diameter. They had narrow necks, and their tops were sealed with black wax.

The shop owner pointed at the red bottle. “That one opens the door.” Then, at the blue. “That one closes it.” 

CeCe laughed as she held up the red one. “Shouldn’t it have a tag that says DRINK ME?”

Jana’s face, under her orange hibiscus hair clip, showed no sign of amusement. “You’re laughing now, daughter. But when you need them, it won’t be a laughing matter.”

Open the door. Close the door. Don’t laugh. What in tarnation was Jana talking about? CeCe peered dubiously into the red bottle. She was sure she could see tiny things swimming inside, like pinprick tadpoles.

“Mind you, don’t shake either one before use. One drop on your tongue before you sleep.” Jana shoved a spill of loose objects back into the cabinet and pushed a knee against the door to shut it. “Off you go, then.”


About the Author:

Annie R McEwen is a career historian who’s lived in six countries, under every roof from a canvas tent to a Georgian Era manor house and driven herself to work in everything from a donkey cart to a vintage Peugeot. For her, it feels perfectly natural to create stories of desperate love and powerful secrets in faraway times and places.

Winner of the 2022 Page Turners Award, Genre (Romance) Category, Annie also garnered the First Place 2022 RTTA (Romance Through Ages Award from Romance Writers of America; Post-Victorian to WWI Category), the 2023 MAGGIE Award, and the 2023 Daphne du Maurier Award. Her Regency murder mystery “Death at Dunarven” appears in the 2024 Murder Most International Anthology. 

Annie’s books are published by Harbor Lane Books (US), Bloodhound Books (UK), and The Wild Rose Press. When she’s not in her 1920s bungalow in Florida, Annie lives, writes, and explores castles in Wales. 

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Audrey Stewart said...

Annie R McEwen is a new author to me. But everything I have read about this book, and I bet she has seen so many things being a career historian. I'm excited to read them.

Nancy P said...

Sounds amazing. Incredible cover.