Monday, March 18, 2019

New Release - Demon's Grotto by Kate Hill #DarkFantasy # NewReleases # Paranormal #Romance

New Release

Demon’s Grotto, where monsters sate their lust. Will you spend the night?

Demon's Grotto
Kate Hill

Book Description:

Ben wants Laura to reconsider staying overnight at Demon’s Grotto, and he has information about the club’s history that should convince her. He tells her three creepy love stories, hoping she will change her mind.

Rise of the Creature: When a mad doctor brings a dead man back to life, only his beautiful assistant can make that life worth living.

The Demon Within: A man on the run stops to rest at a rooming house, not knowing that it’s the hunting ground of a gorgeous succubus bent on devouring handsome guests.

Don’t Cry, Wolf: An ad for a maintenance man at a bed and breakfast is answered by a former soldier who’s harboring a hairy secret. The business’s lovely co-owner becomes involved with this sullen hunk who’s more than she imagined possible.

After hearing these stories of love and murder, will Laura decide to spend the night at Demon’s Grotto?

#DarkFantasy # NewReleases # Paranormal #Romance
#DarkDesire #Shapeshifters #Vampires #Werewolves

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