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Now On Tour The Lady Raven: A Dark Cinderella Tale by Rebecca Henry


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The Lady Raven
A Dark Cinderella Tale

Rebecca Henry

Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retold

Publisher: Austin Macauley

Date of Publication: November 30th 2017

ISBN: 1786935783
ASIN: 978-1786935786

Number of pages:175
Word Count: 48,863

Cover Artist: Austin Macauley

Tagline: For those who have an affinity for magic, witches, dark fairy tales, and the macabre...

Book Description:

In The Lady Raven, Rebecca Henry tells the tale of Zezolla, a little princess abandoned by her father into the hands of her evil stepmother and wicked stepsisters. A familiar fairy tale you may think but all is not as it appears. The reader is soon drawn into a web of witchcraft, lies and deceit, and gradually realizes that this is no typical fairy tale, but a dark and macabre take on one.

Zezolla is treated with the utmost cruelty, neglected and vilified, and left to live in the damp cellars of the castle. The only friends Zezolla has are her beloved raven and her pet wolf. Her only comfort lies in the loyalty of the creatures of the forest, and her mother's hazel tree.

Will Zezolla have the power to escape her torment and ultimately save herself from the unscrupulous clutches of the king? The Lady Raven is a compelling tale, and one that is not for the faint-hearted.

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About the Author:

Rebecca Henry is the author of two novels, The Lady Raven and Louisiana Latte. In addition to writing, she is also an avid vegan, gardener, crafter and practices yoga.

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