Tuesday, April 28, 2020

New Release - Sicarii Parts 1-3 by Adrienne Wilder #mmromance

***** New Release *****

Sicarii Parts 1-3
Adrienne Wilder

Genre: MM romantic suspense

Date of Publication:  April 28, 2020

ASIN: B0876R8VJ9
ASIN: B0876SG724
Number of pages: 627
Word Count: 160,454

Cover Artist: Adrienne Wilder

I am not a man. I am a killer.

Book Description:

When Ben Corbin’s uncle is murdered, he comes into possession of information about the man responsible for the death of his mother and father. A man his uncle appeared to be hunting. Now Ben wants to finish what his uncle began.

Jacob Moser fell into a cycle of drugs and abuse. His will broken, his life destroyed, he had no hope of survival. But the man who saved him is no angel; rather, the remnants left behind when all the complexities of what makes a person human are stripped away, leaving the darkest parts of a man.

Marcel Serghi lives by the rules of his House. Rules ingrained in him as a child under the most brutal conditions meant to hone him into a perfect killer. And throughout his life, he has made vicious enemies. Now innocent lives have been swept up into a storm of revenge against him.

But Marcel isn’t going to save them.

He’s going to change them.

Because life is a gift.

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