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Now On Tour Honey Drop Tome 1 Volume 2 by Alicia R. Norman and Krishtina Mayers #HauntedHalloweenSpooktacular

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Honey Drop
Tome 1 Volume 2 
Alicia R. Norman and Krishtina Mayers

Genre:  dark fantasy romance drama, 
             paranormal romance, fantasy romance
Publisher: Luv Multimedia
Date of Publication:  September 3, 2023
Number of pages: 274 pages
Word Count:  57, 527
Cover Artist: Alicia Norman
Tagline: When Love and Death Embrace
Book Description:  

With Abigail bitterly angry and their friendship in jeopardy, Prina finds herself drawn even more to Thayn and his mystical dark world. As she grows closer to him, the woman realizes his dark secrets involve a cosmic, political enterprise that may pull her and everyone she loves into the undertow. 

Mo Mo, Hekate, and Tabietha are also well aware of Keres and Moros' dangerous schemes but are also busy trying to cover up their involvement with Thayn's plans for Proserypn--when they do finally give the duo the attention they deserve, they all find it is too late to stop what is coming down the pike.

About the Authors: 

Krishtina Mayers is a romance fiction writer from North Carolina. She prefers blending fantasy, humor, and darkness in almost everything she writes. Her hobbies include playing video games, cooking, and studying history. She likes her romance the same way she likes her chili con carne, spicy with a good amount of sausage and beans ... and maybe wrapped in a soft shell tortilla to make big bites easier to handle.  

By day, Alicia Norman is a copy specialist at a major marketing firm, by night, she is a screenwriter and animator. She lives with her two kids and three cats in the burbs of Dallas, GA, and aspires to share her own brand of historical erotic fiction with BFF and co-writer Krishtina Mayers. 

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