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Now On Tour My SECOND Life by Simon Yeats + Meet the Author Video

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Simon Yeats

Genre: Memoir
Date of Publication: 7/4/23
ISBN: 9798223369066
Number of pages: 254
Word Count: 76,000
Cover Artist: Yolairis Barranco          

Tagline: You cannot possibly understand how important things are until you have to decide between them and life.

Book Description:

We all have two lives, but we only get to experience the second one when we realize we have just one.

My first real scare in life happened when I was seven - I got attacked by a kangaroo. My first brush with death occurred at the age of 12 when my dad drove our family down the treacherous Skipper’s Canyon dirt road in New Zealand, in a rented minivan.

Including the terrifying night when I almost found myself in two separate plane crashes, there have been at least half a dozen other occasions when I was just a moment's inattention away from death. However, none of these frightening incidents can compare to what I went through after my son was abducted.

This memoir recounts the story of how I harnessed the traumatic experiences of my life to find the strength to persevere through a 13-year battle to be a father to my son.
What did it take for me to reach this second life? I had to truly understand the meaning of fear.

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About the Author:

Simon Yeats is a physical therapist who works primarily with spinal cord injuries. The most challenging of the most challenging of patients. His own experiences in life overcoming tough challenges makes him perfectly suited to his profession. His interest in writing books is to inspire the world to go over and above the ordinary in everything they aspire to do in life.


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