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The End of the World: Rise of the Afterlord by H.S. Gilchrist #Dystopian #PostApocalyptic #SciFi

The End of the World is coming...

The End of the World: Rise of the Afterlord
Primordial Engine Series
Book One
H.S. Gilchrist 

Genre: Dystopian, post-apocalyptic science-fiction
Publisher: Dystopian Sunrise Press
Date of Publication: 2024-02-05
Cover Artist: G and S Cover Design

Book Description: 

In a broken future governed by the oppressive Technocrats and their parasitic technology, enslaved warrior Animkii’s mind is a battleground for control. After an act of sabotage shatters her bondage, she faces a dire mission: ridding herself of the invasive tech implanted inside her before it consumes her remaining humanity. Seeking salvation, she forms an uneasy alliance with Mica Stone, a troubled black-market recycler, whose dreams hold the power to awaken an ancient alien god known as the After Lord. 

Fleeing the bloody machinations of the After Lord’s dark cult, Animkii and Mica embark on a perilous odyssey that takes them out of the dystopian depths of the undercity and into the remote and icy Witherlands. ¬There, amidst the ruins of an ancient world, they face a force that hungers for more than just flesh and bone. 
With reality crumbling and Earth’s survival at stake, a battle between two worlds begins, leaving Animkii and Mica to confront the ultimate question: can they retain their humanity in a world on the brink of oblivion, or is the end of the world inevitable?


The alien code sliced right through the Alphaknot’s universe. One-by-one, her fellow soldiers’ lives blinked out of their shared mindspace, like someone turning off the lights in her head. Before she could react, the Alphaknot pushed into her mind to stutter out one last directive:
The command cut off.
She couldn’t obey, couldn’t move. Her exoskeleton had splintered, trapping her in place. Whatever had hit her was no normal missile: It had caused inches-thick biosteel to come apart like a weave of cloth, thousands of metal threads unwinding, razor-sharp fingers that curled around her body to form a second ribcage. Her steel wings had twisted beneath her, the pain of her injuries ratcheting up her spine and leaving her helpless to act as the unauthorized code unraveled her masters’ world. Her local core system began hemorrhaging errors at an incomprehensible speed. Depleted of stimulants, her orphaned human mind was unable to keep up with the barrage of information and slipped beneath an avalanche of gibberish. 

About the Author:

H.S. Gilchrist initially aspired to be a real-life Indiana Jones, a passion that drove her to pursue a degree in Anthropology. Although her heart is deeply rooted in exploring diverse cultures and unraveling history’s mysteries, the pragmatism of a career centered on ancient curses steered her in a different direction. Over the past two decades, she has skillfully navigated the ever-evolving landscape of information technology, taking on roles as both a technician (“I fix things that break”) and a data analyst (“I make life easier for management”).
Beyond her IT endeavors, H.S. Gilchrist is dedicated to nurturing her daughter’s inner nerd, and this mission is bearing fruit. In those rare quiet moments, she escapes into the world of her imagination, penning the adventures she wishes she could live.

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