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Now On Tour Space Cats: Making Enemies by Craig A. Price and Shayne Price + Exclusive Excerpt

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Space Cats: Making Enemies
Space Cats Series 
Book One
Craig A. Price and Shayne Price

Genre: Sci-Fi, Middle Grade, YA
Publisher: Claymore Publishing
Date of Publication: 07/16/2024

ISBN: 9781946968111 
ISBN: 9781946968128 
Number of pages: 162
Word Count: 27,223

Cover Artist: Shayne Price with Craig’s typography.

Tagline: Cats are out to explore the galaxy… dogs are ready to protect it.

Book Description:

In the vast expanse of the galaxy, feline explorers from the Cat Exploration Corporation, led by the ambitious Blake, yearn to make their mark and unveil the secrets of uncharted space. All Blake desires is to honor his father's legacy and contribute to the endless curiosity of catkind. Meanwhile, Shadow, a loyal canine under the banner of the Tofferis Empire, is determined to pass his trials and stand as a stalwart guardian, protecting the very galaxy the cats seek to explore.

At the forefront of the Mineral Mining Corporation, Jade, a charismatic catsplorer, spearheads daring expeditions into uncharted territories. His mission: to unearth valuable minerals crucial for advancing feline exploration. Little do they know that their individual aspirations will intertwine in an unexpected political showdown, where cats and dogs are at the center of a cosmic power struggle.

As Blake, Shadow, and Jade navigate the complexities of interstellar politics, allegiances are tested, and the line between friend and foe blurs against the backdrop of unexplored galaxies. In "Space Cats: Making Enemies," the first installment of the series, these unsuspecting heroes find themselves entangled in a captivating space opera with a feline twist. Will they emerge victorious, or will the clash of paws and claws reshape the destiny of the cosmos? Embark on a thrilling journey that combines cosmic curiosity, canine loyalty, and the indomitable spirit of feline explorers. 

If you're a fan of space adventures where the stakes are as high as the humor is charming, "Space Cats: Making Enemies" awaits your cosmic companionship.

Claymore Publishing      Books2Read

Book Trailer:   


Exclusive Excerpt:

Shadow shrugged. "Relax, Obsidian. We've done this a hundred times. What could go wrong?"

In the dim glow of the Lamorian moon, the tension hung thick in the air as Obsidian and Shadow guarded the cache of weapons they had been entrusted to distribute. The night was silent, except for the occasional rustle of leaves and the distant hum of the Lamorian wildlife.

Suddenly, the tranquility shattered as a group of shadowy figures emerged from the darkness, swiftly advancing toward the duo. The moonlight revealed their feline silhouettes, and the dogs tensed, realizing they were facing an unknown group of cats. The cats moved with a calculated precision, their eyes gleaming in the moonlight with an unsettling determination.

"Stay sharp, Shadow. We don't know who they are," Obsidian whispered, his ears perked, as he tightened his grip on his blaster.

The tension escalated as the cats closed in, and the dogs stood their ground, ready to defend the precious cargo. Without warning, the cats launched a coordinated attack, their swift movements and precise strikes catching Obsidian and Shadow off guard.

Blaster fire illuminated the night as the two sides clashed in a chaotic dance. Obsidian fought with seasoned expertise, countering each move with calculated precision, while Shadow, though less experienced, displayed impressive agility as he evaded attacks.

"This has to be the CFF. No one else is as coordinated. We need to get out of here and warn Rhazeos."

“The CFF?” Shadow asked.

“Cat Freedom Fighters.”

The sheer numbers of the cat intruders began to overwhelm the dogs. The felines moved with an uncanny synchronization, anticipating the dogs' every move. Despite their valiant efforts, Obsidian and Shadow found themselves gradually pushed back.

Shadow looked at Obsidian nervously. "But what about the weapons? Shouldn't we try to save them?"

Obsidian shook his head. "Our duty is to get back to Rhazeos and warn them of the attack. The weapons can be replaced, but if Rhazeos is caught off guard, it could be disastrous for our pack."

As they hurried back to their ship, they could hear the sounds of battle growing louder. Explosions rocked the ground beneath them, and Shadow stumbled as he tried to keep up with his mentor.

As they cautiously made their way through the ship, they encountered a group of cats led by a determined-looking one who looked like the leader. The two groups stared each other down, weapons at the ready.

"Hand over your weapons," the cat demanded. "We won't hurt you if you cooperate."

Obsidian laughed. "You think you can take on us dogs? You're outnumbered and outmatched."



About the Authors:

Craig A. Price Jr. is a USA Today bestselling author of Claymore of Calthoria Trilogy, Dragon's Call Trilogy, Dragonia Empire Series, Space Gh0st Adventures Series, and several other titles available in alternate realities. He loves to read, write, cast spells, and spend time with his beautiful wife and three children. He dreams to one day become a full-time wizard, but until then, he'll settle for being an author. With more than a dozen novels under his belt now, it's only a matter of time before he settles for world domination, but until then, you can follow his author journey as he takes over one reader's soul at a time.

Craig lives on the Alabama Gulf Coast, among the ravenous mosquitos, humidity, and deadly predators. If you spot him in the wild, he can be dangerous, but will often be tamed by a Mountain Dew and Reese's.

Shayne Price is the son of Craig A. Price, and hopes to one day become a Geologist. He likes to play sports and video games. He was behind all the plot in this book. He is a sophomore in high school and attends classes at the University of Alabama. 



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